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2009%20of%20me%20007[1] Sid Sham is an actor and producer, known for Night Hunter (1996), The Prophet (1999) and Hunter: Return to Justice (2002). He’s one of the most talented people who have also played music professionally for thirty years. You might have seen his name on the Giant Billboards at Caesars Palace next to Frank Sinatra performing at Caesars. He’s also had a billing on the strip at the Tropicana Hotel in Vegas.

Sid has also recorded records with some of the most talented musicians in LA, from Kenny Loggins, Kenny G, Michael McDonald, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire and many others.
In  1994, Quincy Jones held a nationwide Billboard magazine contest and Sid was picked by Quincy as 2nd in the nation as an undiscovered R&B Pop songwriter, opening many doors.

Sid played detective Sid Keyes as a series regular on the NBC hit series Hunter, sharing opening credits with Hunter and McCall,  he co-stared in four movie of the weeks, and thirteen episodes with Hunter. He also played Sid the “Pianoman Keys” on the hit series Lands End, as a reoccurring role shot in Cabo San Lucas.

He later decided to leave the acting world, and begin dealing in the Real Estate business he negotiated and closed over two hundred deals. His largest deal was right at the nine million dollar mark. He’s done finance, taught closing, and managed over a fifty employe staff while working with Toyota Motors for a ten year stretch, dealing in over one million dollars a month in gross sales. The last ten years, Sid has been buying and closing deals in all faucets of business, from Real Estate to film.
Dragon Les, and Sid go back over twenty plus years together as dear close friends, and decided to form NuArc Entertainment in July of 2013.

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